Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bat Rep #7 (8/6/12) Necrons vs. CSM/Daemons

Trying to catch up on all my postings so here goes another...

This game was against Will from the club. Will has been playing about as long as I have and is only 18 yrs old! He is a great painter and player. My "red" army was originally Wills!

The mission was Dawn of War, The Scouring. We had objectives placed and under them was a piece of paper noting the points of each objective. Roughly, Wills army consisted of a Lash Sorcerer, Demon Prince, 2 Obliterator Squads, Defiler and some Allied demons. Plague Marines were his basic trooper.

I was using the Traveller this time instead of a normal Overlord. I am using the three barges as annihilation barges for more firepower. No scarabs this time, instead  I ran 3 heavy destroyers. These and the wraiths came in handy as scoring units.

Turn 1-I start to inch over towards my objectives and take long shots at what I can.

I move my close combat troops into position to attack both these objectives.

Turn 2-Daemons deep strike and move up!

The left flank was wild because it was open and he focused a lot of obliterator fire here. This pic might be my favorite of 6th ed so far! Sadly the warriors could not cause enough wounds!

The right flank went my way. Wraiths could not be stopped by plague marines. They were tough to kill but they tied up most of Will's scoring units.

After the initial assault cleared, I decided to bring in bigger guns!

Turn 4- I can freely move around after destroying most threats. The unfortunate part for will is I had no way killing his defiler up until this point, but he missed his shot each round.

It took close combat with the Traveller to finally beat the last daemon down.

end turn 5 the game securely in my hands.
Result: WIN
Necrons (3-1-1)
Overall (4-2-1)

Bat Rep #6 (7/30/12) Necrons vs. Space Marines

Normally, I love when there are two different armies on the board. Especially when they are natural enemies in the fluff. Who doesn't love a great match up? But whenever someones marines are painted with the glorious blue of the Ultramarine's, it pains me to fight against them!

This Bat Rep is against my friend Ralph's Ultras.His list was more or less: Cassius with Assault Terminators in a Redeemer. A squad of shooty Terminators and 3 tactical squads. 1 with a rhino and 2 in pods.

I am sticking withe the scarab Necrons still. I want to get a feel for the army before I add in flyers.

Mission was Vanguard and Two Objectives

My set up-Ready to receive pods
Ralph's Deployment-Assault Marines Left

Turn 1-Scarabs went after pod as rest of army shot at unit

Turn 2-Terminators behind enemy lines!

Top of Turn 3-We will see how long those termies last against wraiths. The pod is dead btw

Shooting did most the job!

Ralph drops in with more marines

Turn 4-He goes on the offensive with Assault Termies and pod squad attempts to destroy my ark

Turn 5-Immortals didn't stand a chance but luckily wraiths were not far behind

Turn 5-His attempt to stop my scoring unit

Turn 5-Ralph conceded. He had no more scoring units and I had 3.

Result: WIN
Necrons (2-1-1)
Overall (3-2-1)