Friday, August 24, 2012

Bat Rep #5 (7/23/12) Necrons vs. SM/GK

This next battle report is a very interesting one. I played my as is Necron army against Ed's Space Marines with Allied Grey Knights. The list which you can see most of in the PICS below is pretty straight forward. He ran 8 Rifleman Dreadnoughts...Master of Forge for the marines and one heavy and one elite venerable dread for the GKs. He had 3 Tacticals in Rhinos and a Strike squad in a Razorback. 

To make matters worse the mission was kill points and hammer and anvil deployment. I went first and attempted to deploy as close as possible but ed deployed at his board edge making it impossible for me to get in range withing even 2 full turns. 
So my game plan was to use my speed to converge on one side and use the middle terrain piece to give cover from the other half. I would also attempt to scarab farm as much as possible either keep him from advancing or force him out of position. My first turn was a mad rush while utilizing my solar pulse forcing darkness...
Luckily for Ed he had searchlights. I did not fully understand how search lights worked in the new edition. So as it appears any vehicle can shoot but does not necessarily need to hit a vehicle to automatically light the target up. It does however have to be in range of the gun. Ed then proceeded to shoot up my wraiths and immortals. 9 out of 10 immortals died and the remaining cryptek and immortal ran!
My following turns was spent trying to follow through with my game plan. Once I got to about midfield with my whole army I was able to abuse the side closer to me. I did end up killing a few dreadnoughts but I almost killed my overlord by over extending him. You will see him in the bottom left of the battlefield. I thought he could draw fire and do some damage the following turn.
After turn 3 I realized this would be  low scoring affair and decided to pull back any weakened units, especially my overlord on the barge. I also realized that the Annihilation Barges worked really well even when having to fire snapshots. Since Tesla works best when rolling 6s I ended up being way more mobile than I had imagined! The wraiths did not make it into combat and got shot up PDQ! 
As turn 4 progressed we both saw the end of the game coming. Ed had first blood but I was ahead on KPs. I had to make sure he did not get line breaker bc there was no way either of our Warlords were going to die. I sent my scarabs out to kill the units he was trying to get passed.
The Strike Squad took care of the Scarabs but only after they ate up the Tactical squads ride! The game ended on turn and we had a tie 5-5 points. Eds army was really tough. What saved me was the fact that str 7 shots cannot pen my Quantum Shielding of 13. Ed also failed to roll many glances and Jink saves on skimmers was key for my to pull out a draw. 

Result: DRAW
Necrons (1-1-1)
Overall (2-2-1)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Battle for Salvation Gaming Club 8/13

The Battle for Salvation Gaming Club meets on Monday nights at the Leo Mintzer Recreation Center. The address is 251 Underhill Avenue, West Harrison N.Y. 10604. If you live in or near Westchester N.Y. you should stop by. We also have some events on Saturdays and host competitive gaming tournaments. This is a video from this past Monday.

I filmed this after I played my first game of Warmachine! Here are some of the Pics, they are not all great quality though.

Battle Report # 4 (7/16/12) BA vs. Daemons

This is the last Bat Rep without pics so I will make this quick!

The battle was my Red Marines as BA vs. my friend Bruces Nurgle Daemons. He ran 4  large Plague Squads with Epidemius. He had 3 Daemon Princes and Kugath the greater daemon. He also ran a Soul Grinder and 2 Horror squads as the only non-nurgle units.

I ran a similar list to my previous BA list. I did change how I ran the tacticals though. Instead of 4 small squads I ran two 10 man with 2 meltaguns and Sgt with plasma pistols. This seemed to eliminate the confusion I had with their role. They are scoring units and are designed to shoot and claim objectives. Being my only scoring units, I need them alive and not in CC.

The mission was Dawn of War and the Crusade (5 objectives). It seems like I roll that mission every time!

The greater Daemons were relatively easy for me to destroy on turn 2 after they dropped. I charged epidemius squad with the dreadnought and held him the entire game. The only problem was as the army did do damage epidemius tally grew. For those who don't know, if a model with the mark of nurgle kills an enemy model it goes on the tally. After enough models get killed the nurgle models get special powers. Eventually, Bruce got all the powers unlocked. The nurgle units got feel no pain on a 3+, ignored armor saves, and wounded my models on 2+!

Luckily he was out of position. I used the first few turns to cover most of the objectives and forced him to deep strike farther away. The game ended on turn 5. Had it went on I would have been in trouble. The last two turns for me were mostly moving as far away from the last three plague squads and horrors.

Result: WIN
Blood Angels (1-1-0)
Overall (2-2-0)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Battle Report #3 (7/12/12) Blood Angels vs. Orks

Blood Angels 2000 points

HQ) Librarian: Force Axe, Bolt Pistol; Unleash Rage, Shield of Sanguinius@100
Elite) Sanguinary Priest (2): 2 Power Fists@150
Elite) Sanguinary Guard (5): 2 Power Axes, 1 Power Fist@210
Elite) Terminator Squad (5): Assault Cannon@23
Troop) Assault Squad (5): Meltagun@100
-Rhino: Removed Jump Packs@15
Troop) Assault Squad (5): Meltagun@100
-Rhino: Removed Jump Packs@15
Troop) Assault Squad (5): Meltagun@100
-Rhino: Removed Jump Packs@15
Troop) Assault Squad (5): Meltagun@100
-Rhino: Removed Jump Packs@15
Troop) Death Company (9): 3 Power Axes@225
- Land Raider: Extra Armor@265
Troop) Death Company Dreadnought: 2 Blood Fists@125
-Drop Pod@35
Heavy) Storm Raven Gunship: Twin-linked Multi-melta@200


This is the first take of my "Red Marines" list. Its mostly what I have for the army I simply used jump pack marines as Death Co. proxies. I also used a Drop Pod from my Ultramarines and a Vendetta proxy for the Storm Raven. I don't think that this list can stand up to a tough list. I think it is missing a lot and is a little light on scoring units because the DC units cannot score. I am also relying on the Storm Raven to take out any possible enemy flyers because the shooting weak. But I do think it will be a fun list because I have a lot of different units which I have never played before!

First match-up: Orks (My brother Ryan's)

As an older brother this may not have been the best game to test my new army. If I lose I wont hear the end of it. On the other hand it will force me to play my best and never give up!

The mission was Dawn of War and The Crusade. Both of which I have already played. I do like them both however, and I think they are one of the only missions that is truly competitive.

The Ork list I faced was a very shooty list with 3 Loota Squads, 3 Cannon Squads, a Big Mek, Grots, and a large Nob biker squad led by a Warboss. With the new rules for biker toughness this could be a tough unit to beat and nothing in my army can really handle it. My plan was to give the Nobs sacrifice units, mainly the rhino squads and bait them to either fail a charge or come close enough to charge them with multiple units after shooting. 

This worked well on the first turn as I pushed forward with most my army taking shots mostly at the Nobs. I tried to hide the dread behind its pod away from the Nobs. This was to draw most fire and threaten all three cannon squads. Unfortunately my brother stayed back with most his army and shot. He only killed the dread but this got him First Blood as well as not taking the bait in the Rhinos. Here is where I realized the big flaw in my army: I cannot assault out of the Rhinos. While I knew that you no longer can disembark and assault in the same turn, the realization that the way I designed this list needed to be able to do just that.

Turn two for me would have been great had I been able to assault. The assault squads could have charged 2 different loota squads and some cannons. Sadly, its against the rules! I just simply did not have enough shooting to take out that many Orks. I actually tried to tank shock multiple units once they were whittled down below 11 models but Ryan made all of his saves. I managed to at least push the Grots so far back that they could not get near any objectives.

Despite the armies shortcomings I managed to retreat a few assault squads and claim 1 objective while I threw everything else forward to stall. We ended the game on turn 5 with a 5 to 4 loss. Had it went on I would have lost by much greater. I should not have tested out a list against Ryan, hes actually pretty good...but don't tell him that!

Result: LOSS
Blood Angels (0-1-0)
Overall Record (1-2-0)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Army Intro: Red Marines

These are some pics of a brand new army that I now own. I call this my "Red Marines". From the few pics I posted you can see that there is a heavy chaos influence on the models. The former owner played them exclusively as a CSM army. I don't really like Chaos and will most likely used them as Blood Angels or some marine chapter. The two games that I have played with them were as BA. This is what the army contains:

2 Librarians (HQs in general)
1 Dreadnought (Death Company)
20 Jump Pack Marines (not all are fully built and painted)
25 Marines(assorted weapons, including 6 meltaguns)
4 Rhinos
1 Land Raider Crusader
5 Terminators

Next I will post up the lists I made up and the Bat Reps.