Tuesday, January 22, 2013

December and January

This is part 2 to catching up on my games. The end of 2012 saw many more games.

Necrons vs. My cousin Joey and his space wolf/sm army. It was his first real game of 6th ed and so he was a little rough on the rules. My Necrons were able to deal with his dreadnoughts pretty easily.

 New allies for my Necrons. Grey Knights! I am using a terminator inquisitor with psycannon as well as a GK terminator squad and Dreadknight with teleporter and incinerator to round out the army. Victory against Blood Angels. I am also getting away from using the Arks and mass warriors which I see as liabilities rather than offense.

Necrons vs. my friend James and his classic IG army. James plays in many tournaments so I knew this would be a good test for my new allied force. The dreadknight dominated.

Me vs. a relatively new player, Mike P at comic book heaven. I was able to secure the relic and hide! 

Daemon Hunters John coming back to warhammer after a long hiatus. New Chaos SM book and John breaks out the emperors children. This 1500 point skirmish was fun.

More Chaos when I faced Lil Will and his new Chaos list. He will soon drop Typhus and the zombies soon but this list was still solid due to the massive amounts of shots and the Helldrake. I managed to win by one objective because the drake could not kill one grey knight on the last turn!

Relic agianst my brother Ryan again. I could not let him get another game on me! I routed the orks this time. Too much tesla for the greenskins. Also the grey knights and the dreadknight were all-stars!

One last hurrah for Teddy and his Dark Angels before the new codex. In this game at the comic store, we see why they need a new book!

After Joey was trounced in our first game he wised up and got his Chaos together. 2 Helldrakes are becoming the norm and this is a perfect reason why. My flyers must come on after his and produce in order to take them out. I ended up losing because I had to focus so much on those drakes. 

Game vs. Ed and his GK/IG horde. Amazing firepower and bodies. We ended up with a draw!

Gaming ETC in Strattford CT. I won all games but the last game against Will was a narrow victory. 3rd place overall beating Templars and Dark Eldar/Eldar and Chaos SM/Demons.

This is the most recent tournament. I took 1st place defeating Chaos/IG, Tyranids, and Orks! The gaming store was really nice. Kirwans gaming store in Catskill NY. Really nice group of guys there too.

Game at the club. Giving my Necrons a well deserved rest. My IG were no match for Chaos/Necrons though. First game with my IG results in a loss!

Necrons: 24-6-2
IG: 0-1-0
OVERALL: 25-9-2