Monday, April 8, 2013

My Game with Will

My Game with Will

Im not sure how I forgot to put this up on the site ;) but here is a game Lil Will and I had as a practice game for the league Championship.

First off the mission was kill points and with Will's new list there werent many easy ones for me to find. He ran squads of 2 oblits, plague marines, spawn, typhus, a winged prince and hell drakes. I tried to flank him with the wraiths and dreadknight but the oblits and meltas from the plague marines made me think twice about jumping 30 inches on turn one. I decided to wait for him to make the first move.

Here is the deployment. My Dreadknight would be a key player in this game and I felt that I should leave him back as a counter assault measure. My wraiths and scarabs would tie up his troops and oblits on the right.

After an uneventful turn both of Wills Helldrakes came in and tore me up my Strikes and Immortals. My henchmen were also pinned out of their chimera by obliterator fire. Look also for the Demon Prince who was in position to help out his right flank while the spawn marched forward to save his oblits from wraith charge.

My big mistake comes in this bottom of round 2. I should have simply charged his spawn with the dreadknight and shot up his troops. Unfortunately for me, I decided to shoot at the spawn with the majority of my army including my out of charge range dreadknight. Needless to say I only killed 2 spawn and the remaining charged into my wraiths. On Wills next turn he also moved up his Demon Prince on the right flank. On flyer drops off the deathmarks who to my surprise take him out!
Finally getting into combat with the dreadknight but his oblits put 3 wounds on him!

After the dust clears and my flyers fly off the board anticipating a last turn counter.

Last turn. If I killed one obliterator and the dreadknight survives combat, I win. I shot everything I had at it but no luck. Will made his 2+ saves. The dreadknight also dies in CC to massive plague marine attacks.

Game result: LOSS!

Necrons: 35-8-3
Ultramarines: 1-1-0
IG: 0-1-0
BA: 1-1-0
Overall: 37-11-3