Thursday, August 29, 2013

Connecticon and Summer 2013

With the summer coming to an end and the new school year in sight, I am going to look back on the highlights of summer 2013. While I didnt play as much as I wanted to, I was able to attend Connecticon! Connecticon is a anime/cosplay convention on the east coast. 7-9 years ago I went 3 years in a row and played in a 1 day RTT. Two of those years I actually won and got 2 golden griffons to show for it! Sadly, Connecticon had gone downhill for 40K gaming over the years, that is...until last year when Brendan Gallagher took over as TO. I was unable to attend last year but this year was one of the smoothest run tournaments with awesome prize support. Although small on the GT scale (32 Players) Brendan ran a great tournament and I am definitely going back next year.
Here is the list I took:

I ran my Ultras with IG allies.
2 Tact Squads in Rhinos
2 Storm Talons
2Thunderfire cannons
Comp. and Platoon Command in Chimeras
50 Man Platoon with 5 Autocannons
2000 points

This list is similar to what I was running in the past. It struggles against the top tier lists but can be sneaky with Tigurius' powers and the orders.

As I said Connecticon doesnt just focus on wargaming. Take a look at just a fraction of the con in these pics:

Here I am with some 40K cosplayers

As for Battle Reports, I am sad to say I did not take many pictures. I had used my phone for GPS on the way there and needed to conserve battery as much as possible. Here are the pics I manged to take.

While not much to tell here, I went 2 and 3 with 51 battle points out of 100. I played 3 very close games of the 5 but lost more than I won. I struggled with a Tryanid player and Simon Leen's sisters army.

Terrain for the most part was good but some tables had odd shaped and extremely large centerpieces. Brendan was using what he had provided for him but I know in the future the event will continue to improve.

As for after the GT....
I played will in a game at the comicbook store. Knowing the SM codex is upon us, I wanted to play as much with the old codex. I used Calgar here in an all Ultramarine list.

Before set up I thought about infiltrating scouts behind the demon prince which would force him to ignore them or go backwards wasting time. I went with my left however to think they may survive being far away and a weak target.  I would regret this immediately.

With no other threat the Prince zoomed into the ruin in the center making many of my units even unable to attain line of sight. I would have to wait to draw the Prince out with my librarian.

Once the Drakes came on it was lights out for my marines. The thunderfires were able to stay alive and continuously put wounds on his plague marines and cultists. They only really damaged the cultists though. On turn 3 I made a charge with termies on oblits and plagues which then Will threw even more marines on me to hold them up. Calgar would manage to survive. This is key.

The game would end with each holding one objective. Lucky for me one marine scored because he waited in the Raider which none of his drakes could hurt! I achieved linebreaker with a single wound remaining on Calgar, while will had first blood.

Result: DRAW

Here is a game at BFS with Andrew.
My Ultras vs. Andrews Imperial Fists/IG

Two Land Raiders facing off. Each with 5 Assault Terminators and Lysander or Calgar in them.
Andrew stole the initiative and killed one Thunderfire cannon but the Tech Marine was alive.

My other cannon blew away his ratlings for first blood but none of my other shooting was effective. Right then we were just trading blows.

Andrew advances and our armies continue the firefight. My rhinos begin to go down and marines move on foot. Andrews Storm Raven fails to come in.

I go for the kill and machine spirit a multimelta, exploding Lysanders ride. On Andrews turn 3 he would come and destroy my landraider with Lysander himself!

Each leader wounded once would then meet on the battlefield! This epic showdown would last 2 full game turns.

Andrews flyer finally comes in and has a spectacular turn 4 and 5 picking up many Kill Points.

Calgar falls on turn 5 losing a 3 kp swing and I loose 4-7

Result: LOSS

My next focus will be on the BFS GT 2013...

Necrons: 48-17-3
Ultramarines: 5-6-1
IG: 0-1-0
BA: 1-1-0
Overall: 54-25-4

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